About organiser

Gastroenterological Society of Singapore was formed in the mid 1980s with the objectives to advance the knowledge and practices of gastroenterology in Singapore, promote research in gastroenterology in Singapore hospitals, promote regional and international cooperation in gastroenterology…

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About GIHep

GIHep Singapore was inaugurated in 2006, combining the National Live Endoscopy Workshop and GESS Annual Scientific Meeting into a single meeting, with the objective to promote advancement in the knowledge and practices of Gastroenterology and Hepatology . It also serves as a platform for multi-centre collaboration in Singapore and the region.

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Combined GIHep & Singapore Hepatology Conference

SHC 2024
Endoscopy Workshop & Lumenal Talks
Singapore MASLD Symposium 2024

The Science of HBV Cure Meeting 2024

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