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Windows 10 has a built-in free screen recorder that you might not know about

Similar to other software you use for business or entertainment purpose, your screen recording software ideally should be user-friendly and easily adaptable. Fortunately, there are many free and open source screen recording software consisting of high-end features which help in creating professional videos required in diversified sectors. Icecream Screen Recorder by Icecream Apps is a good choice if you are looking for a screen recorder with very basic video editing features. In fact, the paid version of this software includes only the ability to trim the beginning and end of recordings. This is highly limited but can be enough when you want simple screencasts. Screencast-O-Matic is a web-based screencasting software presented by

Because OBS Studio can record directly from your graphics card, it’s able to screen capture games running in full-screen mode , with customizable hotkeys to control the recording. OBS Studio can also make full use of multi-core CPUs for improved performance and can record at 60FPS . Longer or more complex recordings may need more editing. Something likeCamtasiawill give you a full built-in video editing suite of tools you can use. Hopefully, one of these screen recording programs will fulfill your requirements, whether you’re creating a tutorial for YouTube or just sharing a gaming achievement with your peers. The video file sharing features are ShareX’s biggest advantage, because it’s easy to upload recordings directly to YouTube and other platforms.

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You can use specialized data recovery software or send the storage device to a professional recovery service. Choose the drive with the Windows 10 installation from which you want to recover your files from Disk Drill’s device list. Ensure that “All recovery methods” is selected from the pull-down menu on the right of the app’s window.

  • He’s written about technology for over a decade and was a PCWorld columnist for two years.
  • To leave the system alone until Windows finishes defragmenting the drive.
  • Just about everything is already stored on the web, which means there are no software programs or data files cluttering up the local disk.

So, it covers every part of your operating system that has to do with your registry system. Continuously saving a file places parts of that file into different volumes on your PC. As the file grows, more of it will be disbursed among volumes forcing your computer to search through multiple areas, slowing down your computer. Advanced Disk Recovery, an easy and secure way to get all your lost or deleted files back in no time.

How to defrag Windows 8

The Printers & Scanners page has been updated to show more details about the printer and scanner. On the Sound page, you will now see a warning when microphone access has been restricted in your privacy setting. In addition, the Task Manager now includes accent color support for the “Processes” tab heatmap. However, in some cases, you will see the default blue accent color to ensure readability.

OBS saves your videos and screen captures as scenes. This will create a new scene, and prompt you to name it in a new pop-up. You can also use windows app to record screen. It has great features like screenshot and file sharing.

Enable the “System sound” toggle and give it permission to record system sound and give “Microphone” permission to record your voice. Click the Settings button located at the bottom right corner of the app. Select the display to record from the drop-down menu, and click OK. You can change the shortcuts based on your personal preferences.

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